How to place the below iframe into your website 

Please see an example of this here.

1a. Copy and paste the below code into the text editor of the page that you would like for the below iframe to appear, surrounded by iframe tags.
<iframe src=””</iframe>

1b Alternatively if your website has a specific module for iframes, you can simply copy and paste the code:

2. You can also edit what size and how this iframe appears on your page, for example, the below iframe is using the following code. This code helps you edit the border, width and height of the iframe. It’s best to keep the width at “100%” so the iframe is responsive to different screen sizes.
<iframe style=”border: solid 1px #240050;” src=”” width=”100%height=”450“></iframe>


Use the following iframe to embed on your website or download the html source:

<iframe src=””><iframe>