How Payright can help grow sales

How Payright can help grow sales

Australian businesses enjoyed $2.13b of net new revenue generated by Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) in 2021. BNPL’s rapid growth has resulted in 5.9m active accounts in Australia with 82% of consumers expecting Buy Now Pay Later as a payment option when purchasing retail goods.

If this sounds like an opportunity that you wish to tap into, Payright can help. In fact, we’ve already funded $42.3m in sales of DSA member products in the past four years – and growing!

Payright’s Point of Sale finance provides consumers with zero interest payment plans that spread the cost of purchases over time, helping your customers to purchase more and likely turning a ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes’.

Transactions are electronically processed in real time through an online platform designed to support a consultative sales process. Your business is paid upfront when your customers’ Payright Plan is activated at point of sale, meaning you can spend more time delighting customers while we take care of the rest.


The Payright difference

Customers can spread purchases between $100-20,000 over flexible terms between 2-60 months. Payright Plans are a cost-effective alternative to credit cards and traditional interest-free payment plans. There are no interest charges, payment plans are flexible, and customers can nominate a payment frequency that suits their individual preference.

We do extensive checks to ensure we’re lending appropriately, and merchants are paid upfront, on plan activation.


Becoming a Payright partner is easy and discounted merchant rates are available to all DSA members. To get started, simply submit your details today and we’ll be in touch within 24hrs to help set up your free Payright merchant account.